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The 4th Ministerial Level Conference of the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macao) and the Ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Forum were held in Macao on 5 November 2013. During the event, the Central Government will fully support Macao to be “a commercial and trade service centre for SMEs of PSCs”, “a food product distribution centre for PSCs” as well as “a centre for conventions and exhibitions for economic and trade co-operation between China and PSCs”.

To support Macao’s development of the “Three Centres”, the Central Government has launched eight new measures to strengthen the city’s role as a trade and economic service platform. One of the measures is the establishment of an information-sharing platform for bilingual professionals and business co-operation, exchanges and interaction between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce and the Secretariat for Economy and Finance of the Macao SAR, the Economic & Trade Co-operation and Human Resources Portal between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (the Portal) was officially opened on 1 April 2015. The Portal serves as an information-sharing platform to provide online and offline bilateral services through the provision of online trade and economic information as well as a variety of website functions, aiming to promote Macao’s collaboration and business opportunities with the Mainland and Portuguese-speaking Countries.