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The Economic & Trade Co-operation and Human Resources Portal between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries


Terms of Use


These terms and conditions (the "Terms of Use") regulate the entry and free use of the Economic & Trade Co-operation and Human Resources Portal between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (“this Website”, by Internet users. Please read the Terms of Use carefully before using this Website.


All services and operation of this Website belongs to the owner of this Website which commits to choose, use and keep all registration data of the Users in accordance with the privacy policy, except those with the approval of the user for public disclosure.


1.  General Requirements of this Website


1.1  The owner of this Website possesses the following rights:

Change, add or change at any time the information provided on the above-mentioned website, or make amendments to the appearance, settings and terms of use without any prior notice.  This Website will specify the date of the latest update.


Take legal measure that we are entitled to for the prevention of actions against the law, including stopping certain websites of entering this Website through hyperlinks.


1.2  User may obtain all sorts of important and business-related online information.


1.3  This Website does not guarantee that the services provided by this Website are free from viruses, and will not assume any responsibility for the uninterrupted operation of the website or other harmful components.


1.4  While using the E-services on this Website, the operating software may use the “cookies” technology to record the user’s browsing habits, with the main purpose of operating according to the general practice of the user during the next visit.


1.5 Users of the website:


By clicking the “Agree” button, you fully agree with this Terms of Use.


Users can only use contents upload to this Website in relation to the criteria of co-operation.


The use of this Website will be deemed as:


Agrees with the disclosure, publication, use and development of the contents, text, data, image or plans released on this Website,

Agrees to comply with applicable law, including the Regime of Copyright and Related Rights and the Legal Regime of Industrial Property, use with well intention and ensure that any rights of the third party will not be violated while using this Site.

Should be held liable for responsibility of any damage caused by the use of this Site, whether to the owner of this Website, the user or the third party and compensate in accordance to the law;

When using outside the jurisdiction of the Macao SAR, the user should take into consideration their own actions and should abide by the laws of the local authority.


1.6  Owner of this Website:


This Website is not liable for any responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage incurred by the user resulting from the accuracy, quality, safety, legality and regulatory of the information displayed on this Website, particularly the contents about the products and services provided by advertisers, enterprisers or any other person.

This Website has the right to freely, without the need to provide any reason and publicly disclose entirely or part of the contents of any text, data, image or computer application or projects, whether or not the contents are composed by this Website or by the User, and this Website is not liable for any compensation to the User or the third party.

This Website does not have the obligation to store the contents, text, data, image or data compiled by this Website.  Such information may be relocated or deleted at any time and the User or the third party do not have the right to ask for compensation.

This Website does not guarantee that the services provided will not be interrupted or contain any errors, virus or other harmful components.


2.  Registration of User


2.1  Prior registration is required to enter this Website and use the services provided.


2.2  User should submit personal information, including name, address, telephone number, email address and any other information which the user considers to be useful.


2.3  After successful registration, this Website will inform the User of the user name and password by email, fax or text message which will not hinder the change of password by the User in future.


2.4  The User should keep the user name and password.  In case of any suspected illegal use of the user name/password, the User should notify this Website as soon as possible.


2.5  If the information provided by the User is non-personal data, the registration will be automatically accepted, except if the same words have been previously adopted by other users.


3. Obligations of the User


3.1  Commitment of the User


Refrain from the use of any wording or language which is against the law, in violation of public order or infringing good social customs, particularly obscene language, or other unauthorised quotes or copying of business logo, names of business and company, or advertising slogans.   

Should not disclose any privacy information owned by the owner of this Website, and should be liable for responsibility for the use of the same information by the third party.

Observe any legal requirements applicable to the use of Internet website.  This Website prohibits the submission to this Website or through this Website, or the release of any fake, illegal, defamatory information or material which may be liable to the civil or criminal litigation by law or international conventions.


4. Hyperlink to website of a third party


4.1 By means of this Website, User may obtain information, contents and services provided by the third party on the Internet.


4.2 While entering or hyperlinked to other websites, the User should be liable for the risks it may involve.  The contents, products and/or services provided by the third party website should not be considered the property of this Website, and should not consider that this Website should guarantee the quality and authenticity of the text being posted.


4.3 This Website will not be held responsible for the damage or loss caused by the information, commodity or service provided by the third party, as well as the content being displayed, and will not be responsible for the terms and conditions of use of other websites entered through the hyperlink on this Website.


5. Suspension or Termination of Service of this Website


6.1 All users of this Website:


If the User does not comply with the terms of use of this Website, or provide fake or misleading information, particularly in the course of user registration, this Website may at any time suspend or fully or partially terminate the provision of service to such User.

In case of force majeure, the owner of this Website has the right to suspend or terminate service.

This Website does not guarantee permanent operation, and will not be held responsible for the malfunction of communications, including the loss, incomplete or delay in the information transmission on this Website,


6. Priority of language


Should there be any conflicts or discrepancies in the Chinese, English and Portuguese version of this Terms of Use, the Chinese language version should prevail.


7. Jurisdiction


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the law of the Macao Special Administrative Region. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Macao Special Administrative Region.