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French company to build thermal power plant in Guinea-Bissau
Update time: 2017-08-09 00:00:00 [Large  Small]

【 Guinea Bissau 】

The French company JA Delmas will build a 15-megawatt thermal power station in Bor on the outskirts of Bissau under a contract signed recently with Guinea Bissau’s Ministry of Energy and Industry, reports ANG news agency.

The plant’s construction will be financed with 16 billion CFA francs (US$28.7 million) from the West African Development Bank and should take about 18 months.

Speaking at the contract signing ceremony, Energy and Industry Minister Florentino Mendes Pereira recalled that JA Delmas had won the respective international tender, adding that the plant’s construction would be one more step in efforts to enhance capacity of the country’s electric power sector.

“Guinea-Bissau’s existing power distribution network dates from the times of independence and requires serious intervention to assure the quality of the electric power that reaches our homes,” he said.

The minister revealed on the occasion that the West African Development Bank has signed a contract with the national water and electricity utility (EAGB – Empresa de Electricidade e Águas de Guiné-Bissau) to finance construction of an electric power distribution network in the city of Bissau. (Macauhub)

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