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Mozambican port to expand, ready to handle trade with China
Update time: 2017-09-14 00:00:00 [Large  Small]

【 Mozambique 】

Northern Development Corridor, the operator of the Mozambican port of Nacala, intends to make the facility the biggest hub for merchandise trade in southern Africa, capable of handling 3 million tonnes of cargo a year, much of coming from or going to China, the Independent Online website reports.

The South African news website quotes Northern Development Corridor Administrator Fernando Couto as saying he expects improvements to the port, including rehabilitation of the railway connecting it to Malawi, to cost US$150 million.

The report says the operator is discussing the project with the Mozambican government and will seek partners to help pursue it.

Mr Couto said improvement work would begin two years from now and take 24 months.

The improvements would increase the handling capacity of the port to 3 million tonnes of cargo a year from 30,000 tonnes.

The port operator means to exploit to the full the growth in trade between southern Africa and China, the Independent Online website quotes Mr Couto as saying.

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