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Joint effort to lure Chinese tourists to Portuguese, Spanish regions
Update time: 2017-12-18 00:00:00 [Large  Small]

【 Portugal 】

The tourism promotion agencies of Extremadura in Spain and the Central and Alentejo regions of Portugal will a jointly advertise the attractions of each place at tourism fairs abroad, including the next ITB China, to be held in Shanghai in May, Notícias de Coimbra reports.

The Portuguese newspaper says representatives of the agencies agreed in a meeting in Portugal to highlight four sorts of attraction in the three places: their food and wine, their natural beauty and outdoor activities, their heritage and culture, and their religious appeal.

The report says the head of the Alentejo tourism promotion agency, Vitor Silva, believes the three regions can advertise themselves in China effectively only if they portray themselves as one destination with common features.

“Chinese don’t know what Portugal or Spain is – but they know it’s Europe,” Notícias de Coimbra quotes Mr Silva as saying.

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